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Project Overview

Protecting the centre of your world: Mi-Zone’s miniature device ensures none of your valuables strays too far from your person.

The Smartphone is increasingly the centre of our digital lives. It’s the repository for our pictures, our music, our social networks, our emails and our calendars. So we want to protect this crucial device, but we also want to protect the possessions around us.

Mi-Zone’s Bluetooth proximity alarm allows you to do just that. The keyfob-sized devices triggers alerts on both itself and your smartphone whenever each strays more than a user-defined distance from the other.

Mi-Zone can be used to protect your keys, bag, bicycle or even your pet – as well as your smartphone.


  • Develop application for all major platforms, starting with iOS and Android
  • Take advantage of the different strengths of each individual platform
  • Maximise performance leveraging full capabilities of Bluetooth protocol
  • Ensure great user experience and total robustness

The Challenge

Turn a great prototype into a cross-platform success; Philip Jarrett, founder of Mi-Zone had a working device that was almost ready for the market, and a prototype application running on a feature phone. The challenge was to take this prototype application, migrate it to all of the major software platforms, and ensure it had the slickness and robustness that consumers demand.

What we did

Going beyond the App to deliver The Mi-Zone device takes full advantage of the Bluetooth standard. Enabling the application to access these capabilities required a deep knowledge of the mobile operating systems concerned but also the underlying software stack. We worked worked closely with Mi-Zone’s hardware team to squeeze out the maximum performance from the communications protocols across each device and platform.

We worked on each application’s design and robustness, ensuring that it delivered a slick experience for users familiar with each platform.


Supporting the customer all the way to market our involvement with Mi-Zone has gone beyond development. The company has provided support with testing and calibration for different devices

In May 2012 the Mi-Zone product reached the market and is now available worldwide. The MiZone device has global accessory status from Apple and is being sold through Carphone Warehouse stores and

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