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Project Overview

You've been appointed CEO of Energium. Your job is to develop a global energy business across four continents by finding oil, gas and alternative energy sources, and turning them into products to sell.

To do well, you must make sure Energium not only turns profits, but is safe and trusted, and delivers long-term value for the business, employees and customers.

You will face many of the challenges that affect energy companies in real life. The better you deal with these challenges - while sticking to your core values - the better you'll do in the game. If your safety, trust or value levels drop too low, or if you run out of money, it’s game over and you’ll have to try again.

The game is set in a fictional world with four continents – Stagnium to the north, Hottoman in the middle, Emergia to the east and Coldlands in the south.

The path you take through the game is for you to decide, but you can follow advice the board will give you as you play. Their first suggestion is to build an oil rig and the rest of an oil value chain - so what are you waiting for?

Energium is a compelling learning simulation that models key aspects of an energy company’s business into an engaging, educational experience. It has been produced by DESQ in collaboration with BP’s Online & Informal Learning team.


  • To port an existing flash game written for the web to a pure AS3/Flex application utilising Starling and Feathers for accelerated graphics on Mobile and Desktop
  • Create an automated build system to reduce the complexity of building for iOS, Android, Web and Desktop
  • Create a custom texture packer for a bespoke object graph system
  • Create a bespoke XML-based UI system
  • Optimisation of existing code base for mobile
  • Write graphical elements to reduce draw coun and of data structures to reduce memory footprint
  • Testing for iOS, Android, Web and Desktop
  • PHP Server back end for Leader board System

The Challenge

Turn what was essentially a prototype for the web into a cross-platform success for mobile, web and desktop. DESQ had a working prototype that was almost ready for the market and the challenge was to take this - rebuild it from the ground up - and create a build system to automatically produce the required binaries for iOS, Android, Web and Desktop deployment.

What we did

Going beyond the prototype; the final product takes full advantage of hardware accelleration on the target devices; uses extensive texture compression to squish all the assets ensuring the final binaries are within the limitations of the target stores and provide a fluid and robust experience throughout. The entire code base was optimised throughout with extensive profiling and optimisation phases throughout the development process


Supporting DESQ throughout the entire process, we took the original prototype and produced the final releases for each of the required platforms; We supported the distribution and assisted in testing and support throughout the life cycle of the product from initial deliver through a pre agreed support package to extend the life of the product.

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