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Project Overview

Call of Duty: Strike Team is a first-person shooter and real-time strategy game developed by The Blast Furnace and published via Activision and was released on iOS on September 5, 2013 and on Android on October 24, 2013.

Call of Duty: Strike Team brings a new experience to the Call of Duty series. Players have the option to switch from a first-person view to an overhead drone’s perspective. From the sky, players can command their squad to find cover, toss frags, fire and even secure objectives. This mode introduces strategic gameplay while enhancing tactics of positioning and map awareness. Strike Team makes use of the touch screens available on iOS and Android devices by allowing players to control their squad with a few simple gestures on screen. The left and right sides of the screen acts as virtual analog sticks for movement while playing in the first-player perspective. Furthermore, the game features quick aim via the small arrows placed on the bottom of the screen used to switch between targets. Tapping on one of the arrows brings the aiming reticule to the closest target.


  • Port the existing iOS project to Android
  • Develop black listing system to disable features on various android devices
  • Optimise the performance for Android
  • Refine the input system used on Android to bring the same level of smoothness to the controls as iOS
  • Refine the UI system to handle Android's array of screen sizes

What we did

  • Development of cross platform game from iOS to Android, Kindle and Windows Phone 8.
  • Development of cross platform mobile Unity3D game in C#.
  • Development of UI to support multiple screen resolutions, DPIs and form factors.
  • Performance optimisation of core game functionality to get game to run on lower end devices.
  • Profiled and optimised memory to run on low memory devices.
  • Graphics shader optimisations to run on low-end devices.
  • Development of Android plugins in Java and native extensions in C++ for Android.
  • Development of tools to aid scene comparison.
  • Development of automated UI testing system.
  • Solving of Z-buffering issues across different GPUs and platforms.
  • Solving of Graphical glitch issues across some android devices
  • Integration of existing Unity3D plugins.
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