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Cross platform apps

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Cross platform games

What do we do?

We work with clients at all stages of development -- from initial inception to support and maintenance accross a variety of platforms.

We focus on Mobile and love working with cross-platform tools like Xamarin and Unity3D. Our past successes speak for themselves, with countless delivered projects you can be confident Widgisoft is the best solution for you.

Sounds awesome! Get in touch and let us show you.

Consultation. Helping you through execution.

We have over a decade of experience covering a vast array of projects and deliveries, we can work with you from project inception right through to delivery and support.

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Prototyping. Making sure your plan works.

Together we can prototype ideas in realtime and assess quickly whether to take it to the next stage.

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Native. Speed matters.

When responsiveness is paramount we have extensive experience writing native apps for iOS and Android in various native languages that give you the utmost speed and robustness in your applicaiton: Smooth transitions, immediate responsiveness, and super small binaries that users can download and get much quicker all contriubute to making the native path worthwhile in the end!

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3D. Let your app take on a whole new dimension.

Unity isn't just for games; the cross platform nature of Unity 3D allows us to create compelling solutions that quickly and eaisly support many target platforms all at once from a single code base;

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Porting. Make it big on all platforms.

We have extensive experience porting apps between various platforms; We can port code between languages and even re-write entire parts of your application to better support the native aspects of the target platform.

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Support. Closing tickets.

Unresolved issues but the original developer has moved on? We've worked on plenty of projects like this and will have you up and running with fixes in no time!

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